Independent Surveyors

Our benefits are reliability, flexibility, fast service and competitive price!


Novorossiysk Marine Company Ltd. enter in agreement with a wide range of companies specializing in marine and cargo surveys, as well as with the marine and legal experts, consultants and advisors. It gives us opportunity to appoint competent staff at the request of our clients immediately. The staff employed by Novorossiysk Marine Company Ltd. can provide any of the following services within the area of operation of our company:

  • Condition survey of ships;

  • Quantity and condition surveys of bulk, liquid and general cargo, including lab testing, loading supervision and tallying, draft survey, stowage and lashing surveys, ullage survey, bunker survey, sealing/unsealing inspection, etc.;

  • Cursory/particular preloading survey of cargoes, radio-activity inspection, hatch covers and holds inspection, hose testing, calculation of permissible load on tank top, etc.;

  • Off-hire and on-hire surveys for ships;

  • Condition inspection or investigation of damages to hull & machinery, which may include underwater inspection with video recording;

  • Investigation of all kinds of marine casualties on behalf of principals;

  • Services of a protecting agent.  







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