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"Novorossiysk Marine Company" Ltd. is a company dedicated to P&I case handling as commercial representatives whose job is to achieve viable and cost-effective commercial solutions to the problems faced daily by P&I Associations and their members. 

The company has been established to provide P&I Club's Members with services enabling them to operate safely in our geographical area and have proper commercial and legal defence.

The mission of our company is to:

  • advise our Clients, including P&I Clubs and their Members, of possible problems which they may come across in our geographical area and of changes in the domestic law, bye-laws and regulations;

  • provide preventive measures by arranging pre-shipment or discharging surveys enabling the Club and Members to mitigate claims to the lowest level possible or even to avoid any claims at all;

  • give Clubs and Members prompt practical advice;

  • be quick in arranging for proper financial security to avoid ship's detention or arrest; 

  • resolve practical problems giving appropriate technical advice;

  • perform proper estimation of the third party's losses and damages;

  • handle average claims providing clients with maximum defence;

  • give advice on the defence of a claim, its possible development, legal aspects and  prospects in litigation,  represent  our clients' interests at courts;

  • defend in all respects the position and interests of Masters/Members/ P&I Clubs.


You may count on our prompt assistance! 



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