Discharging bananas, citrus at Novorossiysk




Discharging of the bananas and citrus cargo is usually performed at the Novorossiysk Fishing Port berths. First the cargo is discharged on the pier by the shore cranes and then it is loaded in open or refrigerated trucks (depending on the destination) for further delivery to the cargo receiver. The cargo is practically never transshipped through the refrigerated warehouses of the Fishing port.

 Very often the cargo is sold in the process of the cargo loading into the trucks.  In this connection it must be noted that the absence of control over the cargo quantity and quality during discharging may cause to, so called, “inaccuracy in tally”, or “Inaccuracy in cargo condition determination” either on the part of the port or the cargo receiver.

If we look into the Customs & Regulations of the Novorossiysk port we can find the following clause:

“Receipt and delivery of cargoes take place alongside a vessel with indispensable preparation of mutually signed Tally Sheets of appropriate form. Moreover, each cargo “lift” and the total amount of loaded/discharged cargo should be confirmed by the signatures of both parties. Any amendments to Tally Sheet are permitted only if agreed by both parties and confirmed respectively with signatures of tallymen of NCSP (Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port) and those appointed by a vessel. Tally sheets with amendments that have not been agreed or made solely by the vessel are not valid. If the vessel does not provide own tallymen, NCSP tallymen’s counts shall be binding. In this case, cargo documents that were made according to counts of NCSP are to be signed by the Master without remarks, regardless whether the Master was provided with information about loaded/discharged cargoes or not”.

 So, if the vessel fails to perform ship’s tally, in case of shortage the Outturn Report is issued and the port tallymen’s counts are considered to be final & binding and cannot be disputed in any way as the cargo has been transshipped in the trucks and the further checking of the cargo quantity is impossible. 

Our company is ready to perform such tally of the cargo on behalf of the vessel and cargo condition survey with full assistance to Master while discharging operations and clausing Outturn report. Please contact us.


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