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Loading steel coils, plates, sheets, pipes, beams, wire rods, tin plates, angles, H-channels, round bars, reinforcing bars etc. at Novorossiysk port

Discharging bananas, citrus in boxes at Novorossiysk port

Loading cement in bags at Novorossiysk port

Loading fertilizer in bulk (urea, ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulphate, saltpeter, etc.) at Novorossiysk and Tuapse ports

Loading bagged fertilizer at Novorossiysk port

Loading bulk grain cargoes (wheat, barley, raps seeds) at Novorossiysk port

Loading newsprint paper in reels/cellulose at Novorossiysk

Loading liquid fertilizer (UAN solution, etc) at Novorossiysk port

Loading iron ore/pyrites in bulk at Novorossiysk port

Loading scrap cargoes at Novorossiysk port

Tally of general cargoes (steel billets, slabs, bloom, copper cathodes, zinc/aluminium and lead ingots, etc.) at Novorossiysk port

Discharging bulk cargoes (sugar, zinc/lead concentrate) at Novorossiysk port

Discharging bulk cargoes (sugar, zinc/lead concentrate) at Tuapse port

Loading sunflower seeds in bulk at Novorossiysk port


Detention and arrest of vessels and cargoes at Russian orts (1.12.99)

Grand theft in Russian ports (01.07.2000)

New in steel pre-loading surveys procedure at Novorossiysk Commercial port (05.09.2000)

Consequences of discovery of drug medicines on board the ships by Customs authorities at Russian Ports

Warning! Steel and other cargo for delivery to Jordan (01.10.2000)

Sugar discharging at Novorossiysk and other Russian Black Sea ports (10.01.2001)

Pilotage at Novorossiysk port nowadays (12.03.2001)

Warning! Port of Novorossiysk. Frequency of incidents resulting from violation of P&I Clubs instructions on stowage of heavy steel coils. (21.03.2002)

Incorrect declaration of medicines in ship's first aid kit. (23.05.2003)
Declaration of medicines on board at Black Sea ports of Russia (14.03.2005)

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