Grand theft in Russian ports (01.07.2000)


In the port of Novorossiysk during the communist period (when we were “red”) practically all kinds of goods that could be taken in pockets or under clothes were pilfered, but, in fact, there were no all-round grand thefts at that time. Basically the spirits, foodstuffs and household goods were among the cargoes, which suffered from the vice. 

Nowadays, private firms and businessmen being Cargo Receivers appoint local cargo forwarders to perform documentary and technological handling of goods delivered to their address. And, when there are no ship’s or sworn tallymen involved on behalf of the vessel, there used to be lot of cases when a grand theft is drawn up in the final out-turn report as the cargo in shortage.

It frequently happens that forwarders jointly with the cargo receivers state shortage even of carload consignments (of citrus, rice, sugar, etc.) 

Taking the above into account, to avoid the mentioned problems we would recommend that the shipowner delivering cargoes to Russia make use of ship’s tallymen or those appointed by a P&I Correspondent.


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