Loading liquid fertilizer (UAN solution, etc) at Novorossiysk port


The cargo of liquid fertilizer is delivered to Novorossiysk port by means of rail-way cisterns and accumulated in shore reservoirs. Frequently there is a considerable delay in delivering full quantity of cargo by the ship’s arrival for the reason that the port reservoirs capacities are limited to 8,000 mts only. In this situation, the Shipper sometimes try to put liability on the vessel’s shoulders denying to accept the tanks for loading operation, even when they are actually ready for loading of this kind of cargo.

Moreover, one of the conditions of the loading commencement is readiness of all the tanks and acceptance for loading of all of them by the Shipper’s surveyor. Sometimes, due to even minor uncleanliness which can be removed within 10 minutes in one or two tanks the commencement of loading may be considerably delayed.

To avoid the above delay it is most important that the tank readiness inspection is  performed by the surveyor appointed by the vessel jointly with the Shipper’s surveyor. The surveyor acting on behalf of the vessel also has to check whether full quantity of cargo is ready for loading. 

The ullage figure calculated by the Shipper’s surveyor is inserted into Bill of Lading, however, while calculating he takes into consideration the shore figure of the cargo quantity. The shore figure is based on inaccurately calibrated shore cisterns. The cargo pipeline (non-calibrated at all) is about 1 km in length, and the cargo quantity in the line before and after loading remains unknown. 

Bearing in mind the above, we assume, for due protection of his interests it is necessary for the shipowner to make arrangements for ullaging  to be performed on the part of his tanker. 

The above is within the scope of the services provided by our company. Our surveyor can additionally  perform sampling and general surveyor’s assistance to the Master. 

Please do not hesitate to apply to us with your requests.


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