Loading iron ore/pyrites in bulk at Novorossiysk port


It is to be noted that the iron ore/pyrites cargo with the certain moisture contents and of certain weight is delivered in r.w. wagons from the producer.

During the long-continued transportation the weight of the cargo is changing due to evaporation, dampness and spillage. However, the shipper is used to try to state the weight figure learnt by him from the cargo producer. Moreover, the cargo receiver requires clean on board bill of lading not giving opportunity from the Master to insert his remark in relation to the cargo weight.

It is wise for owners to satisfy themselves as to the quantity of cargo loaded onboard and to have this figure inserted on the bill of lading, rather than the figure showing the amount when left the shipper’s premises and stated by the shipper.

To avoid the eventual shortage claims it would be most valuable to have a surveyor appointed on behalf of the Owner to perform draft survey and full assistance to Master while loading and clausing Mate’s Receipt(s) and Bill(s) of Lading.


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