Loading sunflower seeds in bulk at Novorossiysk port


The holds of the vessel delivered for loading the cargo are inspected by the Shipper's surveyor and State Grain Inspector who determine whether the vessel is ready for loading the cargo. In case the remains of the previous cargo or insects are found the vessel is not accepted by the Shipper for loading.  Sometimes it is necessary to influence the mentioned procedure since there may be a variety of reasons for non-acceptance of the vessel’s cargo holds for loading the cargo.

At Novorossiysk the cargo of sunflower seeds is loading by the following technological methods:

The cargo is stored in shore silos of the grain elevator, delivered to the pier with the elevator belt and loaded into vessel’s holds through norias or by means of special shore vacuum installation. When loading is performed through norias the quantity of loaded cargo is determined as per readings of the shore volume gauge bunker fixed on the elevator, taking into account the cargo volume and its stowage factor. When loading is effected by shore vacuum installation the quantity of loaded cargo is determined with electronic weighing machines.

In bad weather loading of the cargo is usually suspended, but the cargo, which is left on the elevator belt being approximately 1,5 km in length may be wetted due to eventual leakage of the elevator gallery. The elevator performs loading of various grain cargoes for different vessels simultaneously. There have been cases when the cargo of sunflower seed was loaded with admixtures of barley or wheat cargo, which was subject to loading to a neighbouring vessel.

In this respect an independent surveyor’s control on the cargo condition is of most importance.

For the carrier to be fully defended against any claims for significant cargo shortage we would offer the following scheme: at the port of loading – draft survey is to be performed to determine the quantity of cargo loaded with further sealing of holds, at the port of discharging – unsealing is to be conducted with further performance draft survey determining the quantity of cargo delivered. Such procedure makes it possible for the carrier to avoid any shortage claims.  

Taking the above into consideration we would recommend the carrier to perform draft survey, cargo holds readiness inspection, cargo condition survey, supervision of loading procedure and sealing of the vessels holds on completion of loading.

The mentioned services are within the scope of services usually provided by our company. You are welcome to apply to us in case of need.


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