Warning! Steel and other cargo for delivery to Jordan (01.10.2000)


        In 1999 all the P&I Clubs in their Loss Prevention publications paid special attention to possible problems which may be faced by Ship Owners while discharging cargoes in Jordan. There has been an escalation of customs fees and fines in respect of overloading and shortlanding of steel cargoes. The imposition of these fees has resulted in increasing requests for security by the local Agents for any potential fees/fines they may face. If the shipment of the cargo is destined to Jordan, P&I Clubs usually recommend their Members  to pay particular attention to the Customs Regulations so as to minimise the possibility of any claims, which may arise, and also reinforce the value of appointing a surveyor to attend on loading operations and carry-out the required pre-loading steel survey.

Appointing a surveyor on loading contributes to avoiding claims during discharging in the port of destination. As far as shortlading or overloading is concerned we would like to note that many times P&I Clubs and their Members, having received such claim, applied to our company, the appointed P&I Correspondent in Novorossiysk,  to gain the information from the port where the cargo of steel has been loaded. Particularly P&I Clubs/Members requested us to collect the port tally sheets, when tally of the cargo had not been arranged by the ship in due course, with the aim to defend the position of shipowners against the received claim in the port of discharging for shortlanding/overloading. However, nowadays when the port has become commercial the port authorities gave the order not to provide any information to any party concerned.

            It is well known that most of Ship Owners do not pay attention to tallying of the cargo and tally, usually is carried out by the port tally clerks only. Bearing in mind the fact that there are many cases, when the tally is carried out with mistakes at the port of loading, and this destination, where the risk of receiving a claim is very high, we would recommend the Ship Owners  to arrange proper tally of the cargoes.


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