Loading bulk grain cargoes (wheat, barley, raps seeds) at Novorossiysk port


The holds of the vessel delivered for loading this kind of cargo are inspected by the Shipper's surveyor and State Grain Inspector who determine whether the vessel is ready for loading the cargo. In case the remains of the previous cargo or insects are found the vessel is not accepted by the Shipper for loading. 

At Novorossiysk loading of the mentioned cargo may be performed by two technological methods:

  • The cargo is stored in shore silos of the grain elevator, delivered to the pier with the elevator belt and loaded into vesselís holds through norias or by means of special shore vacuum installation. When loading is performed through norias the quantity of loaded cargo is determined as per readings of the shore volume gauge bunker fixed on the elevator,  taking into account the cargo volume and its stowage factor. When loading is effected by shore vacuum installation the quantity of loaded cargo is determined with electronic weighing machines.

  • The cargo is loaded directly from r. w. hoppers by lifting the hopper with floating crane and opening its bottom over the hold. In this case the quantity of cargo loaded on board is determined by Shipper's surveyor on the basis of drat survey only. However, it is important to note that the hoppers arrive at the port of Novorossiysk with the designated in the waybills quantity of cargo. And the Shipper's surveyor is guided by the figure of the aggregate cargo quantity in all the hoppers, and does not take into account the losses suffered in the process of the cargo delivery to the port by rail way.

Due to the above stated, we assume, it is most important for shipowner to arrange for attendance of an independent surveyor who would determine the quantity of the cargo actually loaded on board on the basis of the draft survey, as well as control the vessel's holds readiness for loading the mentioned cargo, as on vessel's arrival at the port the full quantity of cargo may be not ready for the shipment and Shippers may try intentionally to reject to accept the cargo holds for loading on the plea of their unreadiness.

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