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Port of Azov


Located at the mouth of the Don River and the Sea of Azov (which feeds into the Black Sea), the port of Azov is an important transportation terminal and logistics center for cargo traveling waterways of the European part of Russia, the Black Sea, the Caspian basin, and the Central Asia regions.The area is a suitable link for 3000 - 5000-ton sea-river vessels (up to 4m draft) access between the Mediterranean and Russian IWT. 

The port handles loading and discharging of vessels of the river-sea type, coaster vessels, and vessels for internal river navigation.

Due to advantageous geographical position the Port is suitable for transshipment of cargo coming by ships, trains or trucks from hinterland. The nearest airport is in Rostov-on-Don.

The port handles about one million tons annually primarily export cargoes such as scrap, metal (part finished steel, sheets, coils, slabs etc.) timber, both sawn and logs, ore, fertilizers, grain, coal and other cargoes. Most commodities are exported to countries bordering the Black Sea and the near Mediterranean. Import cargoes represent a small proportion of the total throughput.

The main types of export-import cargo processed by the port include metals, timber, grain, chemical fertilizers, minerals, building materials, and foodstuff. The port operates year-round. Winter navigation is kept with the help of icebreakers. The port is open to foreign-flagged vessels. It has 16 mobile cranes with cargo capacity from five to 27 tones and handles 20 ft. containers.


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