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Port Temryuk

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Port Temryuk

The sea port Temryuk is situated on the Taman coast of the sea of Azov at the mouth of Cuban river, 4 kms far from the town of Temryuk, Krasnodar Region of the Russian Federation.

A separate division of coast guard patrol vessels and a ship-repair Yard of the Federal Frontier Guards of the RF are located in the port; relocation of particular Navy units is envisaged.

Recently there has been 796 linear meters of equipped berths there. The port may handle vessels with the deadweight of up to 5,000 tons.

The Temryuk railway station is situated in the immediate proximity of the port. The port berths are equipped with rail ways.

During 1996-1998 the port handled mainly general cargoes: timber, lumber, steel, food staffs. But the cargo turnover did not exceed 100,000 tons/year.

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