Marine Consultants and Lawyers

Novorossiysk Marine Company Ltd. is specialized in qualified marine and cargo consulting of the clients, i.e. ship owners, managers, H&M and P&I Insurers etc. The involvement of our consultants in any kind of operation during vessel stay in the port enables our clients to avoid undesirable disputes and delays.

Novorossiysk Marine Company Ltd. is in contact with skilled and experienced lawyers who render legal services to our clients. The lawyers represent our clients in their relationship with the legal authorities, state organizations etc. They protect the interests of our clients at Russian Civil and Arbitrary courts.  

The legal questions we deal with are various comprising a wide range of problems, however, the most typical are the following: 

Vessel's Detention/Arrest ] Customs Regulations Violation ] Contraband and Violation of the State Border ] Pollution of the Sea ] Vessels' collision, contact with fixed/floating objects ] Injury or Death of Crewmembers/Others ]


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